Monday, 11 October 2010

Part 7 - Training & Development

Investigate other agencies and organisations that offer support to filmmakers and make notes on the training they offer and how they help to develop projects.

Over the years a variety of different agencies and organisations have been set up to offer support to would-be film-makers by giving them training and helping to develop their projects. One of these is Lighthouse, an agency based in the South East that provides training courses at both beginner and intermediate levels for a whole host of areas within the film industry including script development, storyboarding, the digital arts and post-production techniques. One of these training courses is Pure:Dyne which provides training in film editing software. Lighthouse also offers varying levels of commissions for a whole host of films made by up-and-coming film-makers however the majority of these commissions are art-based rather than being film focused. One of the more film-based focuses of the agency is Guiding Lights, which nurtures emerging film talent within the UK with one of it’s mentors in previous years being Danny Boyle, the director of ‘Slumdog Millionaire’.

Raindance is another organisation which offers a wide variety of courses in the areas of writing, producing and directing; these courses can even lead to the gain of a diploma. The producing courses on offer use diverse methods which are currently in use in the industry while the directing courses help to set you up for your own first film and help to create your own individual style. One of the best production courses for shorts is the Lo-To-No Budget Filmmaking course which details how to shoot a film and sell it, both in a variety of formats while two of the best all-round courses are the How to Make a Short Film course and The Short Film Project. The majority of courses on offer are taught by industry professionals with one of the short film courses, Story Design in Short Fiction Films, being taught by Richard Raskin, a renowned professor who specialises in screenwriting and video production at Aarhus University in Denmark. The course includes a talk about short film writing theories and is extremely helpful to both new and experienced short film-makers. The organisation also holds an annual film festival.

Skillset is the main training agency for media in the UK and has worked with a variety of other organisations to create projects that help up-and-coming film-makers. It teaches methods of funding, marketing and distribution to independent film-makers as well as offering a variety of courses in writing, producing and directing. Many universities and organisations are Skillset recommended with Bournemouth, Cornwall and the National Film and Television School all being Skillset approved. Skillset also has three film academies; these academies produce films that are shown at a variety of film festivals all over the country.

The Script Factory is an agency whose main focus is helping to develop screenwriters through a wide variety of courses such as script reading and story design. These courses help writers to understand writing theories and varying themes within a film and can even help to get the film made by introducing the writer to a “friendly producer”.

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