Monday, 11 October 2010

Part 3 - Other Funding Sources

Outside of The UK Film Council, are there any other schemes that exist to help fund short films?

Although The UK Film Council and the nine Regional Screen Agencies are the most well known, and often first port of call when it comes to funding short films there are several other organisations and schemes that provide both support, funding and advice for short film-makers.

The first of these is First Light Movies which is funded by The UK Film Council. First Light Movies is a digital short film-making scheme that is also a part of Media Box (which is especially for disadvantaged teenagers.) First Light Movies offers children and young people opportunities to participate in and learn about film-making; aiming to increase the number of shorts made by young people, particularly those from a disadvantaged background.

Next up is Skillset which is responsible for funding developing creative industries. The Skillset Film Skills Fund aims to expand the UK film industry by ensuring a supply of skilled and talented professionals.

Finally there is Media Desk UK, the information point for the Media Programme, which offers support and advice for UK applicants. The Media Programme offers funding for both film and television, covering distribution and the organisation of festivals for new films. Regional funding is also available for smaller projects.

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